Makeroid New Error Not Provide QR code For Download Apk

Hello Guys
i am not able to get qr code for download apk its show like thisice_screenshot_20180705-133424
If you Think Its because Of low internet connection then you are wrong when i serch any thing on google then its give result in less then 1 second. also i downloak apk in my pc it download quickly.
So tell me what the issue is this ehy i am not able to get qr code for apk.

Someone else had this problem earlier. Try the following suggestion and let us know if it works:

  • Which browser are you using?
  • Which operating system are you in?

Google Crome
Window 7 Ultimate

It work before
But not work now

This is not true, for a real speed test go to

For example this is my result of the speedtest

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Your internet is fast, wow… However did Conor help you fix your problem?

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this problem solve automatic now it work perfectly.

I have 25 ping , 2mbs and 2mbs so sad :joy:

i have 49ping, 7+mb & 2.5 mb

This is off-topic!

Like almost every of the lastest topics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: