Makeroid, the Present, and the Future

I think “Q2” is any date between April and July

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my app with 300 daily downloads is on stake.its on playstore. i dont know what to do now. it has bugs and im unable to update it from a month.
What can i do ?

I love the idea to move to a new Makeroid version, and I’m really excited for the next version.
But I think we should have been warned about this a few weeks before. I have an app on Google Play (I’ve actually posted a community post about it (
I sometimes have to make some changes (when Clash Royale is updated, I also have to publish an update), and if my app is not updated, data shown will not be true.
It is any way to “make” a copy of the actual Beta Makeroid so we can continue using it? Even if it’s “buggy”?
At the moment, I’ll try to move my app to Thunkable, and I’ll return when the new version is released. If it’s not possible, I imagine I’ll have to disable my app for some months…

I wish you luck. I’ve loved Makeroid from the first day because of its many other functionalities that others can’t provide me. I can’t imagine what the new version will bring us.


exactly. thats what i want to say.

Yes, I agree with you completely. I’m in the same situation as you’re in right now.


Just a clarification, you want to download the AIAs, or you need to use our components in your apps and they have incompatible stuff with other builders?

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I don’t know if you were referring to me. If so, yes, I want to get the AIA file, just to be sure my work is in a safe place. But something I’m worried about is the incompatibility of some Makeroid components for other builders such as :thunkable: (for example, last time I visited Thunkable I realised that their Notification component is so basic, Makeroid have much more options).

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Yes, you will be able to download your AIA

aia as well as the key stores. both are needed :slight_smile:

A bit late, but still congrats guys!

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Hi everyone, I think makeroid aia is not compatible with thunkable or appy builder. Makeroid has different components and versions making it impossible to upload the .aia.
If I have not understood wrong we will have to wait for Julio or August to continue with the projects started. Am I right?

Q2 is April, May and June.

Can we get all our old projects back again

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I too have the same question

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Retrieve Projects

Currently the builder is still out of quota, so wait for it to renew it’s quota then you’ll be able to download all of your projects’ aia files.

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What’s a “Quota”? :grimacing:

What we have done is to disable the public domain and the Compiler, so Quotas will be less

Now we ONLY RECOMMEND to download all projects and keystores once quotas are restored

Better late than never :wink:

Una “quota” es una cuota en español :sweat_smile:

Simplemente es un límite que impone Google a los proyectos. Una vez que se sobrepasan ese número de solicitudes (por ejemplo, número de escrituras a la base de datos) es cuando salta el “Over Quota Error”

Vale, es que decía “out of Quota”, y tenía entendido que las cuotas son cargos que se pagan cada x tiempo.:sweat_smile:

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