Makeroid, the Present, and the Future

No no jajajaja

Con cuota nos referimos al límite que hay con respecto a algo :sweat_smile:

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^ English please, so that we all are on the same page.


I will try download but always overloaded so i cant NWM i will try again maybe i can download.

Is it possible export aia files for app inventor(remove makeroid components from aia file)

When we download .aia we cant use them because there is a compatibilty error with other distrubitions

I think you guys stucked in money problem. so you can make funding page of makeroid like app inventor does for IOS :blush::blush: Also you can set target to get more funders…


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But as I’ve already said once, we don’t have monetary problems, we have financial problems:
We have the money, but we don’t have the way to use it

I don’t know what you guys are doing.

Fix it quickly. I want my AIAs Quickly.
I have build 2 Professional Apps on Makeroid but they were not Monetized. Also tell me How I can use them in Appybuilder or Thunkable because I have used the Makeroid Components like URL Shortener and Blocks of App Pause, Web Viewer Loading Change etc.

Then you didn’t read the topic.


Hello, is it possible to retrieve projects now? It says the thing about the quota when i try to retrieve projects. Thanks for any response!

Just wait a while, the Builder will be back in 13.5 hours.

i understand i need to be patient but its still above quota. I am not in a rush to get my apps im just worried i wont be able to get them, i’ve been working on them since last year. When is the best time for me to retrieve my projects? Thank You for any response!

The Quota is refilled at 9:30 AM GMT.


Hello some one can tell me when they launch makeroid?

Didn’t you read the first post?

quarter of 2018 i don’t understand can you say me the mouth?

Between april and june.

Thanks So Much:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi, Do you know if there is any news about the launch of the new version of makeroid? It was commented that they were in Q2 and there are only a few days left until April. thanks

Q2 means April, May, June.

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Will be there an ios builder like in thunkable?