Makeroid, Thunkable and AppyBuilder Admob ads cant show

Ok will complete the App by adding more content and components and see what comes next. Thanks

IDK if you have a PayPal account. But if you do, you really have to switch to Chameleon Ads. They provide a good ad service and Kodular is one of the first to get the Android Ads. They have a higher RPM than AdMob meaning you can pay your house bills on time and have billions left to spend.

Refer to this to help you:

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Will try that Nathan… You’ve been so much helpful thanks again.

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It only took us to argue over AdMob issues to find a fix :joy:

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Sorry bro in just a simple webview and some buttons the ad wil not work you must make it more complex that take a online ais and add it to your app your ads will definately work
Or send me your ad unit id privately i will check in my apps.

Hi Every one. this problem from kodular in apk export. same project i done with android studio ads are working. in companion every thing is work fine, after export and install apk in mobile ads not working.