Makeroid UI Bug Mobile

Get This UI Bug solve its getting me proplem when I am not at home I can not use my pc when I get any spare time in my daily schedule I use mobile to develop my app but there is a big dragging bug with viewer in makeroid every other builder works fine but makeroid not.

Has you know In mobile to use thunkable, Appybuilder &Makeroid we need Puffin browser when makeroid was not released I use thunkable & Appybuilder there when you use mouse pointer then only you can drag and drop in Android it is possible only of puffin Brower have in build mouse pointer so we can drag and drop

But when I use makedroid Drag and drop was working without any mouse pointer in mobile but in other builder it won’t work like this way because of this UI Bug we can not scroll viewer in makeroid builder

When we scroll in makeroid builder it drag component from inside viewer it dont scroll down fix this bug

Or try by own download Puffin browser in mobile and log in makeroid builder and test it its a bug

Hope it will be fixed soon!

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Don’t use usernames in a first post of a new topic. I removed them.


The scroll bar is too thin; this problem is known by the developers already. Anyway, using app builders on a phone is really inefficient.

@Sander Plz Have A Look in This Bug Too

I dont work on the UI @Vishwas does thid