Making a calculator in less than an hour using Taifun’s Math Extension (Awesome Extension!)

I will be showing you how to make a calculator using TAIFUNS Math Extension, that is pretty awesome!
You can make a super complete calculator using his extension. Visit pura vida app to get his wonderful extension and more!
In previous tutorials I show you how to make a calculator using the hard way! That I liked a lot because I learned and started to understand a lot from app inventor when I started my first calculator years ago, following tutorials anyway Lots of blocks and conditions …
Anyway today I will show you how to make it better with less, just using this Math Extension from Taifun.

Taifun Website:
Please visit his website to get this wonderful Extension , also he has more useful extensions, tutorials, etc. And also consider donating to him to support his awesome job!
Thanks Taifun, YOU are great!!! :wink:


thanks a lot @azaotl
great tutorial! keep up the good work!