Making a Reward App

I’m creating an app similar to FeaturePoints and need some apps to fill in the gaps until my app gets enough attention so that app developers will pay for their app to be seen. I’m wondering if anyone has any quality apps that you would like me to add to my app. This is 100% free. I need 5 - 10


I can give you one in August :wink: (Amplify Store)


Yes I have my app Smart Tool Pro IF you want to Try then Check In Makeroid Store.


If you are creating a rewards app you don’t have to go and ask every app developer for his/her app. You just need to integrate an offerwall into your application and apps get shown automatically. :wink:

Do you know any good options?

I already told you the best option

For more information check out this topic.

Many ad network provide offer wall feature you can try

You can find this tutorial helpful to make an offerwall to your rewards app

I have already given the link to same topic. :joy:

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