Making a short video app like snackvideo

I have made login screen. Now I want to take help from experts how to make home screen for the app. I want to make a social media app.

Show what have you tried?And what you exactly want?You may share a screenshot.


I am new in kodular. I am 16 years old. I have designed the home screen but how should I use blocks ? Please help me.

You want to make a video sharing app?
you will need to use cloudinary or firebase storage to upload videos on.
And store the download links on firebase database or airtable or mysql.Then you can view it using dynamic card views:

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Thank you. If you post some blocks or aia it will be really helpful for me

You will need to search for tutorials and videos for each thing you struggle in.You can also ask us here in the community.As it isn’t easy to give you the blocks for a video sharing app i think :wink:

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You should start from some small projects. You cannot just make complicated and big projects without basic knowledge that you get only from experience.

If you need it urgently then you can Buy tiktok aia file from community. search it yourself.

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Isn’t there any free aia?

where you will store videos ?

Online storages like cloudinary or firebase storage or other

firebase storage

it has limits :confused:

So you can host files on your own server:

Ya i know about that

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