Making a ussd call

Hello koders, i am working on a app, which make a ussd call and returns the message displayd in App itself.
Example- i want to check mobile balance of a user, he will click “check bal” button in the app and his mobile balance gets displayed just below the button.
Any idea? Anyone?

you will get the Answer…

I checked it, but it is different.

My main motive- dial a ussd code and to store the message we receive as like - “your ac bal…”

Are you serious?
The person who has answered that query has stated that you that there is error , while running a specific query.?

May i know what is impossible?

In that post other people have run that ussd code?

Screenshot attached.
He is saying a specific ussd , which has been disabled by isp is impossible.

But my query is if i run any ussd , which is supported by isp, then how to get that message.

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