Making app in Kodular

Can we create an application like Sharechat in Kodular please help me and please reply me

Yes, with hundreds of hours of work anything is possible. How are your programming skills with block based builders? What have you made sofar?

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I didn’t understand can you please reply me again in the way i understand… Now iam just 10th class

And what way would that be?

Please say me can we make Sharechat like application in Kodular

You asked that already. You get the same answer.


Yes you can make, But you need to learn and understand many aspects of block coding first.


Yes it is possible, Peter had said it at the very beginning. Problem solved.

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Any other extensions we should use for it?? or by using the components which are in Kodular

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It depends on the type of app you are making, if you are trying to make a high end app, then you will probably need to import some extensions to add necessary functionality .

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This applies here to:

First get the basic knowledge and when you are ready you can give a big project as you want a shot. But first you have to learn the basics.

First try yourself (what you want to do), then search for the solution and last post here asking how to solve it !!!

Massage (PM) me i will teach you anything about kodular (Full Kodular Tutorial)

Can’t send PM TL0 !!
You send PM !!

I see you also are not aware how we want you to ask a question. And please just be patient when you ask a question.

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