Sending message in whatsapp

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you can’t send a whatsapp message directly, as it requries the send button to be clicked

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But still it requires the send button to be pressed

Ah sorry I didn’t read good before…

can anyone say how to control user phone and read user’s screen from our app

do u mean hacking app?

no no no
absolutely no buddy

Please be clear. Do you want to record user’s screen.

i think he mens ocr?

I am making a app which can send direct messages to whatsapp so when the user clicks on send button which is in our app then he will go to whatsapp and our app automatically search a contact and send the messages. So, for this purpose i need the control of the phone our app will control the users phone now please help me!!!

our app clicks on the send button in whatsapp

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our app controls the whatsapp i.e., click the send button in the whatsapp in the 2nd picture

Yes buddy we can open another app from our app but how to control another app from our app please help anyone its very urgent

see this

Anyone please help me kodular users!!!

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??? It is totally irrelevant

ok then …

coz i am not experti coder

please help @Ansh_Anand