Sending message in whatsapp

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i think u dublicated topic

@Peter please close this topic as this is a duplicate topic Sending message in whatsapp
@Ekansh_Pandit we posted at same time :sweat_smile:

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its not an dublicated topic just images are same but my problem is different

yes his account also could be suspended

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please dont say like that please

This is the same thing, if you just wanted something more you could add to the previous topic

please help

actually same happened with me but for 2 days

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Iam new to the community so i dont know but please help

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ok lets see what i can do

You are very impatient, just again and again asking for help won’t help

Then you should search first before posting

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If i didd anything wrong please forgive me iam a new user to the community i just needed a help

iam extremely sorry i dont know please forgive me and help me

it happens let us forgive him coz i was also new to community and i did silly things

I found this on internet to send messeges over whatsapp without user involvement

But first we need this to convert in extension I think​:thinking::thinking:

Try this :

 Intent myIntent = new Intent("android.intent.action.MAIN");
 myIntent.setComponent(new  ComponentName("com.whatsapp","com.whatsapp.Conversation"));
 myIntent.putExtra("abc", PhoneNumberUtils.stripSeparators("PHONE_NUMBER")+"");

Where PHONE_NUMBER is number of the contact to which you want to send the message.

I will do what you say but please help me

how to convert this like a extension can you say please

use javascript