Whatsapp messages

Can I make a page where you write a phone number
And press send
The application sends a message from my number via WhatsApp to the number that was entered

Possible through whatsapp

You can use either extension or this one

Not with your number, but with the number of the person who is using the app

Dear friend, that is impossible and against of behaviour rule also will be consider as fraudulent approach. if you use the app then message will send from your number to the number that you have mentioned.

I think you just misunderstood my response, I didn’t mean that she will be using others phone number without their consent…

Oh sorry then… imagine, both extension amd the above activity starter will work like this.

User will enter number and text,
Click the button in your app,
Then WhatsApp chat of the User page will open,
And the entered number if exist in WhatsApp then that person chat will open , and the entered text will be displayed in the message place.,
Now user need to press as usual send button from WhatsApp to start chatting with the opponent

That is correct, that is how it works!

Just try this extension

Choose send direct whatsapp message block

Number must be accepted format (along with country code)


please show me block how to make a phone/video call