Making App to write reviews inside, like play store

i have made an app in which I have listed my products inside, and i want that people can write reviews, just like reviews are written about an app in play store.

I have integrated firebase authentication, want to show Name, Rating, and profile pic alongwith reviews,

i know how to show Name, Rating and Profile Pic.

PROBLEM IS i dont know what should i do so that people write reviews and when the product info is loaded then automatically all reviews are loaded.

I want to integrate reviews inside card view component, but what to do ? so that whenevr a new review is added a new CARD VIEW COMPONENT is created and loaded ?

You can store the reviews on airtable spreadsheet and load them when related product is opened.

And for this…

You have to search for an extension
I suggest @Deep_Host custom listview extension :thinking:

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thanks for ur help i am checking this and get back if some problem occurs.