Making my note app, for now it's in portuguese

I’m making my app on kodular for the first time and it’s in Portuguese, it’s a simple note app and there’s no download for now, but I’ll be showing images, what do you think?

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Welcome !
The UI is fine. Just a suggestion:

1-Improve the look of the title text box.
2-Maybe , it would be better to reduce the upper part (black background - where the explanatory title is)
3-And try using another text color in the annotation part


I’m kinda new to kodular but I tried to follow your tips

Maybe this will help You

interesting thanks to that i’m getting to a newspaper style look

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Do you know how I could make the text box more rounded?

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Put it inside a CardView.

Set TextBox’s Background Color To “None”

Change the elevation property to 0. (CardView)

And change the corner Radius property to 15, 18 ,20…

It’s too dark can’t really see the UI

Can you see it now?

My guy you need to work on your color choices.