Malicious extension yt.DeepHost.StartApp found

hello community, I come again with another question. This is an application that does not open. When I launch the application in my smartphone it always shows me this error. can someone have a solution for me?

erreur :

my file aia

zaht (1).aia (3.8 MB)

Simply remove DeepHost’s StartApp extension. You are not allowed to use alternatives ads

Hello, thank you for tour help. I removed the extension, and the application was able to open.

Only that there is another problem. the application gives me yet another error. Which prevents me from using it.

Here is the error below:

Which ad component do you use ? Did you asked for monetization approval?

It’s an application that I discovered on YouTube in a tutorial and that interests me a lot. I would like to add some functionality. only that I’m stuck at one level, that of full use of the application.

Here are the extensions I found :

if possible, you can help me to remove all advertising extensions. like that myself I would put them after having finished developing the application completely