Malicious Extension

Does anyone know what this is?
I searched the forum and didn’t find the solution, does anyone know something?

Can you show us the list of extension you are using???

Any deephost extension is there ???

leave it

and just

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I’m deleting one by one of the extensions and testing, I’ll post the result

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Are you using ad extensions?

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are @Wimas_Rathnayaka and @Oscar_Reis the same person ?


i don’t know why i have it in extension

my error message accuses this component

no my friend

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You have another account named oscar. You can only have one. Which should i delete?

my account is this one, strange for you to say that you have 2 accounts, I’m not even aware of it

strange to see it in the extensions

very hahaha, I will delete and test my application

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Thats strange.

The account is called oscar reis. I deleted it.

everything is weird hahaha

don’t delete this one please hahaha