Many Admob Ad Request but Low Impressions please help

Many Admob Ad Request but Low Impressions please help

( my app is live on play store )

Post a link to your app on the Play Store.

Any suggestions? I don’t want to share my app i have done lot of hard work 2-3 months for this app

You don’t need to share your aia or apk.

Post a link to your app’s listing on the Google Play Store, ie the same place everyone else downloads it from.

That way we can download it from the Play Store.

i mean i’m not comfortable showing app … can u guess why its happening

You’re already showing it on the Google Play Store so what’s wrong with sharing the link to the Play Store listing here? Have you got something to hide?

no i’m afraid of invalid clicks and traffic so i cannot share or show

Sounds suspicious but ok.

don’t wanna face this again

if u have solution please tell me to increase show rate

You have given absolutely no information about your app so it’s impossible to give a proper solution.

If you don’t want to post a link then tell us what your app does, how many instals it currently has, how many daily active users there are, when the admob limit was placed on your account.