Many Thanks! Live(s) were saved

I just wanted to say thank you for the platform.
And I also saved (a) people’s live(s) with the app that I created with Kodular.

The app even made it into the database for digital medicine in Germany and has more than 1.000 Downloads.

Thanks for this great platform.
No matter how long it takes until the new update comes. Just that there is this platform with all the possibilities, it is worth to wait.

Thank you Kodular and thank you to this great community!

Have a nice day!


Digital medicine?


Yes sure. :slight_smile:

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May you share the app link? :sweat_smile:
I’m curious about it to test it :smile:

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Excellent, many congratulations. Apps like yours help and motivate others to make Kodular a large and beneficial community

Maybe you can share your apk to learn more about how you’ve contributed to what you’ve mentioned.

I also adhere, thanks Kodular!

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Notice: It’s German only :sweat_smile:

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Thank you :sweat_smile:

I can’t install it :cry:



Yes, I’m sorry. The app is just completely designed for Germany because of the whole numbers and functions.

But I am currently working on versions which are available for several countries.


Ohh, okey :+1:
I’ll use a VPN to download it then :joy:


Yes, that’s how it works:joy:

Since we are on the subject of “Thank you.” I have just donated.


That’s Diego, It is also located in ApkPure :open_mouth: And also or I tried

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