Map Component: Be usable without LocationPermission and use custom TileServer

I would have two requests for the Map component:

  • Make it possible to use a Map in an Application without needing the LocationPermission

Currently, the Map-Component needs a LocationSensor object to work, and no matter the settings on the LocationSensor or the MapComponent, the first thing the App will do is ask for location permission.
That is unfavourable for people that want to develop apps that use interactive maps without using the users location (or even who want to give the user the choice if they want to use their location), as the users are constantly spammed with the LocationPermission request.

  • Add “Tile Server URL” as a property to the Map component

,so that people can not just use the 3 or 4 integrated Tilemap-Servers, but just any they like! It would be easy to implement I think and would open up endless map-styling possibilities.