Map - Points From String long x lat problem

in description says: " Set the points of the LineString from a specially-coded character string of the form:[[longitude1, latitude1], [longitude2, latitude2], …]"

But actually it draws a line from the form of [[llatitude1, longitude1], [latitude2, longitude2], …]

I need it as in description; long,lat. How/what to do?

I attached a sample aia
LineString.aia (3.0 KB)

Most probably is a documentation problem as it was in Mit App Inventor

See here

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Yes, you are right but if we want to use any geojson data, we need it as in description. Otherwise it is useless.
I think the description is correct, the function is false.

in a geojson it comes first longitude;

Maybe someone from @Kodular should give it a look


let’s wait and see

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Pls don’t tag kodular staff to just get attention. If they have the time, they will look into it. Honestly, my own experience. :sweat_smile: