Map1.Bounds not run in apk

I build an app that display a marker on map component. When I pan the map the marker must remain at center and I recalculate coordinates.
All is ok in Companion but with apk the marker move with map and the coords are not calculate. I send my block that, repeat, run perfectly in Companion. I test with a simple app, seem that “Bounds change” not run at all. Thank you for ideas.
Here you can see,

Apk installed

use a label or notifier to display something in the BoundsChange event to check, if that event gets triggered
use logcat to find out possible errors


I have used a label yet, seem that Bounds change block is not executed because any code in the block has not effect.
I will study ADB that I think usefull in other issue, but in this case I don’t know what other verify. It’s very weird, I have build a simple app to test this problem, I don’t understand why don’t execute the block. No one else has detected it ?

It looks like you discovered a new bug
I moved this thread into category #feedback:bugs
You might want to provide an example project as simple as possible and explain, how to elicit the issue, so @pavi2410 can take a look at it and fix it


After many test I think have found a thing. The issue exist when the block LocationSensor.Location Changed is active. If I disable this block BoudsChange run.

location.aia (3.4 KB)

So there is an interference between LocationSensor and Map, it seem this.
It is in apk installed only, not on Companion
Can anyone fix it ?
Thank you for support

Anyone has the same issue ?