Maps and Google Maps

When I use Google Maps, everything is OK, but when I use Maps, le location-sensor find me in the middle of atlantic ocean…

Also, is it possible to add a single Marker (not with a json file) in Google Maps, like " Add maker : Lat, Long" ?

Oups, finally the exact location came to the screen, but very very long to display, more than 2 minutes…
Abny idea ?

This is the way things are going in Street View. It is very very slow, not really useful. I hope some day this will be fixed. Just google for this problem and you will find many hits on this issue.
Google Maps works great so far, but I really miss the option to create CustomMarker in Kodular. But this is already on the #want.

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Also, get fixed the getMarkers method. It doesn’t work


location sensor dosnt work inside home because of walls and that needs to be connected to satellite and inside it may need a lot time to get connection and finds you.

Thank you for your responses !