Marker - A navigation app for when less is more

Introducing Marker!

Marker is a navigation app that you might not even consider a navigation app. Marker lets you save your current location, and uses a compass-like interface to help you get back there later. An example use case would be finding your car in a parking lot. You would save your location before you leave your car, then use the app to find your car later.


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Marker is available on Google Play, so why not try it out?
Download Marker on Google Play


Why are there no actual app screenshots?


I wasn’t able to get a hold of my emulator or my phone while taking screenshots, so I took the mock-ups I made before. I can provide some actual pictures if you want.

UPDATE: This is one.

And one that shows an actual map with a marker?

No, that’s not how the app works. The darker part of the circle points in the direction of your saved location.

Oh now i get it. :crazy_face: Nice idea :+1:


Maybe make this into a guide/tutorial. I like the basic use of graphics.

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Good job and nice idea :+1:. can you check app does not close when back button click.

Ooh. Thanks for catching that bug. I’ll fix that and roll out a bugfix as soon as I can.
Update: The bugfix has been rolled out on Google Play.

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