Marquee (moving text) in label?

How to make Marquee text in label?

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@AWM i think its not possible at the movement but in future?

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@AWM Do you mean something like this?

@Mika it just increase the length but i want it to move from right to left like this example here

Exactly this does my snippet :smiley:
Try it and you will see it if this is what you want :smiley:

And if it’s not what you want then modify it to your need.

@Mika it takes more high if the length of the text is long but the text written here just takes same high and shown all text via moving.

sorry for bad English

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yeah i show a website as example but i can be done in apps too. and i show some apps and games have moving text to show news

This is just a simple example how to move text from right to left.
In the join block below “get global YourText” is a whitespace into it.

Then set your timer to example 100ms and your text will be moved.

As developer it is always good to draw your ideas and then translate them into code.

As I said this is just a simple example how it “can” work.

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@Mika thanks for your valuable answer. as im new here i will be glad if you could provide me an aia that move around 50 words?

Sorry but current I have not much time.
We are near to relaunch and have work to do.

thank you as that’s not a trouble. im very excited for makeroid relaunch


I’m really sure if anyone have time from our community you will get help :slight_smile:

Can you explain what you need help with @AWM? I may be able to assist you.

Sorry for reviving this topic after over 26 months

But, there is a marquee checkbox and it works well
Only problem is that it is too slow for people to see. Is there any easy way to just move text from left to right in a single line?

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