Mat4-Fun Math game

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MAT4 is a fun math game to play.
What you need to do is very simple. In the process determined by the application, a maximum of 3 correct numbers can be obtained to reach the result.
you should try it.
The app will help you with the colors to find the correct numbers.
You can also find the necessary explanation in the “How to Play” section in the Application.

This game can be played offline and is AD-free.
However, in order for your values to be saved and to take screenshots, you must initially approve the requested “permission”. Otherwise the application will not work properly.

You can send your questions, suggestions and complaints to the e-mail address of …:slight_smile:
Kind regards…

I would be very happy if you share your views about my application so that I can do better.

You can change the language option to English in the settings section.


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Nice idea. I am gonna play it a little and see what I thought


Great idea… UI could be enhanced, hope you will make it better on later versions.

Not a good idea to share personal email here…

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Thank you… I look forward to your comments.

thank you very much. :pray:

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Thank you for trying my game. :pray: