Material Bottom Bar Tutorial

Here is the AIA for Making Material Bottom Navigation Bar

Aia Link : Dropbox -

But You need to watch the video for the Password of the AIA file.
" Password is embedded in the video "

Here is the video tutorial

Video Updated

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best application

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Your thumbnail is cool! Your video is different! where is icons in the video?

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Icons are material Icons which are written in text !!!
Check out AIA to understand how I arranged them !!

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ohh i forgot :slightly_smiling_face: btw Why you didn’t show a preview on android? also include some description in the post! it will be really good for community members.

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Updated video with voice notes :slight_smile:

- YouTube

neither of the links is working @aravind_chowdary_in plz provide a working youtube video link

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The video is not available.

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We have already Bottom Navigation component. You don’t need this tutorial. Just use the component.


use horizontal arrangement at the bottom of the screen and placed buttons with material icons in it, that’s all, customize that arrangement to look like material bar, or use one that is already in kodular components

I made this when there is no bottom navigation component. !! :wink:

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Please read through a topic before spamming it with a question that has already been answered.