Material icon names sheet

where is the name sheet for material icons and font awesoms icons available in kodular

You mean that where you can get material icons?

no i means how to set icons on any button , for each icon , i need names of the icons in material icons

There is a option in properties check it

ok but how to see all icons list available in material icon list

Change font to material icon

i changed the font , but name should i give for any particular icon which i needed

You mean that you want any material icon. am I right. Click here to get icons.

Go to Material Icons and copy icon name

Select the font as Material icon… and in the text field if you type the desired name of the material icon, it will give you such thing

no , i need material icons list of names
Calendar Icons - Font Awesome 11-20-2021 6-36-23 PM

is there any list for icon photo and icon name what to write in text part

See above provided images

Visit google font website as suggested in previous post. Also just follow the dora mam image…

as you can see @dora_paz sended the image above, you have to write it in the button text.

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i need this page link to check each icon names given

Click here, this is the link

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You only have to get it or search and take it from Google font website