Material icon not working

Hey Xoma why is it happening the icons are not coming

Instead of icon the font is showing help me

is not in community anymore.
So, you need to share your Blocks.

There is no blocks for it I used the label I named it assignment turned and I used material icons and kept the size 22 instead of the icon the text is coming

i think it’s name is


Right :100:


Check Material Icons here

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working for me


Have you changed font to Material icon.


sometimes I also get this problem …so I found the solution by seeing which button work for material icon then:-
1- copy whole button without changing any thing.
2- then place it where u want.
3- change name of button u wish…
4- change text “assignment_turned_in”
check if it works for u as we have restricted data in Kashmir…may be this problem happens by that…
u can also use fontwesome icons

Which Font Have U Used
Use Material Icon

Okay I will try afterward I am Studying Calculus now :smile: :smile: :smile: