Material sidebar update (15/01/2018)

(NICK) #1

Hello community,

Here is material sidebar.
Made with @Mika’s gesture extension.

Please hit 25 :heart: .

(NICK) #2

Source .Aia file :
NICK_SIDEBAR.aia (26.3 KB)

(NICK) #3

Material sidebar update.

More material.
Night mode.

Source code :

NICK_SIDEBAR_V2.aia (195.8 KB)

Remove elevation of horizontal arrangement at screen initialize event to remove margin.

(Михаил) #4

As I can buy this extension?

(Faizan Ali) #5

Can You Please Give Me this Extension. I shall be very thankful. My Email
[email protected]

(NICK) #6

This is not an extension please check i have provided .aia file. Just follow it.
Download file

(Faizan Ali) #7

Can You Please Give me these extensions.
Thanks In Advance.

(NICK) #8

It is not my extension.

(Faizan Ali) #9

Thanks Dear