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Hi everyone,

As you probably know Android 12 and material you is coming out has come out

This means more apps will be getting support (like tasker)

I was thinking, what if support for material you came to kodular, sort of like this:

And this:
materialyoukodular2|607x425, 75%, 5000000000%

How I made this photo

I went to the trouble of editing the CSS on the actual website
Then used the clone stamp tool from pixlr (x) to copy the dialog shape
Then I added the down arrow and text

Then the kodular apps won’t be “the odd ones out”

Edit: most games don't use material design

OK, enough talk about material you, how could I use material you in kodular?
I think it should be added in a future version of kodular.
I do not know how to create an extension for kodular yet, but it would be nice if someone developed an extension.

Thanks in advance,

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PS: do you like material you?

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Let’s get Android 11’s issues sorted first.


Looks interesting, a bit cheesy maybe, but I have to agree with @deanart2012 that we need a running Android 11 first.

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I’m all in for Material You I think it could be done with an extension like light/dark mode but it probably needs sdk support to work

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