MaterialAnimeList (AIA included)

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app:

An app that provides information from MyAnimeList via Jikan API. It uses some of the latest features Kodular Eagle has to offer such as

  • Dynamic images, spaces and cards
  • JSON components

Please note that the app may crash quite frequently due to cards images not optimised properly.

Jikan API:

Ongoing work


App Store/Download link:

Firebase App distribution (automatic updates)

Playstore link

AIA file (139.5 KB)

Note that the AIA file has some changes and is more unstable than the released versions

Edit 1: Direct download uploaded
Edit 2: Added bug notes screenshot
Edit 3: New app version
Edit 4: New AIA source file

Could you please upload your apk? I don’t think it is right to ask for users mail adresses. I unlist this for the moment.


I have uploaded an APK file.

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Ohh… the app is looking good. Uhh. I don’t know about Anime but the design of app is pretty interesting.
And also thanks for aia. @joseph222

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@joseph222 Nice app. Looking very good :+1:

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