Materials Icons Outlined Version update

It would be great if you add Material Icons Outlined version too.

Font awesome 5 Regular, Solid, Brands are really awesome.

P.S. Materials Icons recently added many icons which are not supported. We can see them on Creator Designer section but not on the Companion, app.

I think that outlined doesn’t exist as ttf file and thereby not doable…

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Yes but actually no :sweat_smile:.

Google released Outline, Two-Tone, Sharp, Round versions of Material Icons as CSS styles a long time ago. When you open that link in the browser, it will show up some styles, and you can get the .woff2 files of the fonts by copying the URL in the file.

After downloading the file, you can convert .woff2 font to a .ttf font with online file converting services, so you will able to use it in your projects.

For example, here is the Outlined .ttf version of the Material Icons that created by these steps:
Material Icons (106.4 KB)


how about this one?