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Hello all,
I am new here. I want to learn kodular blocks but not getting proper guide.
Any one ???
I have one question
How to put a floating download button on kodular where I’ll get all quality video and MP3 download options, just like vidmate download button

!(upload://tqIwe231Hd5Vd3MCcEMvefS4xbO.png) !(upload://lYDfhIYDIKgMTmSotVQzw2kbaW6.png)

You need to create your menu by using Floating Action Button and Bottom Sheet.

And you need to code these options yourself.


I m talking about this.
Bro I don’t have much knowledge in coding
Plz teach me.

You can use this extension to show a dialog easily.Just set arrangement to its common properties.

Otherwise I am also facing issues in downloading my videos from youtube.

  1. Don’t give direct links of extension which is not yours.
  2. We have already the option to show Custom Dialog, check Notifier blocks.
  3. Also downloading YouTube videos which is not yours is illegal. That’s why there is no official solution. Find an API (or solution) yourself to download YouTube videos. We can’t help you to do illegal things.

Bro can I get ur contact ?? Email WhatsApp or Facebook ??

1.Extension is for everyone.Also this is shareable and free.

2.I use that extension so as usual I shared link to download dialog extension.I do not use notifier for that purpose.

3.I am downloading my videos.

I know that I can make own video downloading server using php.


Sunny… Can u text me on WhatsApp ?? Bro plzzzzzzz

Did extension developer said “You can share the extension directly”? I don’t think so.

Give the link where you found the extension. Because you are not owner of extension. So you CAN’T share extension directly in anywhere without permission.

Because you are trying to say like “I am developer of the extension”. You didn’t even say the extension developer’s name.

Using a extension to get features which is already has in platform, only will uncrease the app size. Nothing more.


Use PM if you have private question, if not, please say here.

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Where is pm option

Click profile icon, then click Message.

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You can download EasyDialog ( Dialog Any Thing ) made by Zhangzqs by visiting this link.

You will know everything about this extension.

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Yeah, you need to post original topic when you are talking about an extension. Please post original topic next time instead of a direct download link.


I shall do that from now.

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