Media is not uploading to cloudinary

my media image video anything is not uploading to cloudinary throw kodular here are the blocks and for your confirmation api ky secret key everything is 100% correct also made another cloudinary account for my confirmation but result is same plz help me

Can U Provide Apk

Check API keys are correct

Yes everything is correct

I have Some Questions .

Are You getting AnyError are You Getting In Kodular

Your Wifi Network is good Enough

If Your Wifi is Slow Please wait Some Time

As you Have Entered That Cloudinary Media Uploaded Show Alert Url Dose it Gives You Url On Alert

yes iam getting error by responce set to text my wifi is good the error is here

I am have 2 apps in Playstore . Using Cloudinary Never got any error . First time seeing This error

Also I tested now My app .It is Working fine. I think your app is having Some Error in Blocks or Api

This May Help u

Help link

i dont know everything is correct i think there is issue with server in my country

What is the “physical” size of the image (mb) you are trying to upload ? Cause in free plan Maximum image file size is 10 mb

it is only 233kb