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Hello, everybody. With the big upgrade Kodular already allows us to be the “100% owner of the profits”

i have big question

When do I make a profit? Does Kodular charge a daily commission?

What’s the big advantage I pay, taking away commissions

If you pay to remove commission, you keep all (100%) of the revenue, we will not take any commission.

Since we usually take between 5-30% of the revenue, by paying to remove commission, your revenue will increase by 5-30%.


before posting pls search in community

if you remove commision then ads shown in app is 100% of yours.

No, it depends upon ads display ratio algorithm. kodular ads after certain user ads.(only if commision not removed)

It completely depends upon you what you want.
If your app doesn’t monetize than no commision will be applied.
Hope i explain well.

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If I understood, I’d have to do the math if I wanted to pay.

What I don’t understand is the brand, in my apps there is no Kodular brand

Yes. In the options menu of your app says → Created with

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