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Meme Share

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This application is based on meme sharing, you can share or download any meme that you like from the application and also can upload your own made meme to the application. So basically it is a meme sharing application.



  1. Added a more application button to it so users can see your other apps also.
  2. Signup and Login system added with OTP verification. ( You need to download the PHP script and you have to host it on hosting site ).
  3. Users can upload their own memes.
  4. Admin can dynamically change the list of memes.
  5. Admin has the power to remove all memes from the application.
  6. OTP Verification at signup time.

Meme_Share_Fre.aia (1.1 MB)


Upload your own creation MEMES and only approve self-created memes only to prevent getting Copywrite strikes.

Credits Goes To :slightly_smiling_face: ( Extensions I Used )

  • Taifun Sharing
  • AsyncImageLoader
  • TaifunTools
  • Deephost Custom_Download
  • Deephost Graphic_Design
  • life.inventor.cardview

My Website

No paid extensions needed !!


I unlist this. Provide normal links to the aia-files. Not these.

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@Peter What type of links i can use , Can you give me example ??

Just direct links. Not links filled with ads before you get to the aia files. Or just put the aia files in your topic.

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@Peter Ok done

thank you for using the sharing and tools extensions



@Peter How to upload php scripts ??? Can i link my website with hyperlink

Maybe zip the php script and add it here.

If you used any paid extension from any developer , you can’t share AIA file .

Can you tell what extension are paid?

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Deephost custom listview

Thank you. I removed the link to the zip-file and unlisted the topic.

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@himalayanxtiger But I have not added the extension inside the aia file

@Peter Ok I have removed the paid extension AIA file and Add the free extension used aia file.

Please I need the paid aia file and php script. I am currently working on the app and I have contacted you on your website but no response.

Many thanks!

Bro we need to change anything in php file as like one time password