Menu item how does it work i have tested and nothing happens

Good afternoon,
I have seen a tutorial video, I have made the same blocks to check if it works but It does not work, could someone help me, please.
This is the tutorial´s link, I do not know if there is a trick, they only show the part of the blocks but not the design part :Menu Item KODULAR - YouTube

You should add the Add Menu Item block in the Menu Intialize event:

P.S: it has been asked many times before, please search the community next time before asking your question :smiley:


Thank you very much for your help!!!

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Good evening,
I was searching if there were something similar to my problem but I could not find something that helped me using a custom button to show menu items.
It seems that something is wrong or missing I need some help,

This is my blocks window and design window
Thanks in advance

well you cant add two items at once you need to add one by one

Thank you for your reply and your time,
I have tried this but still, it does not work

I have merged your to topics since they are related to the same problem.

Thank you Peter.

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