Merry Kodemiss!

Hey Koders!

I wish all have a good Christmas this year including over favorite developers. I’ll be giving on this Community, once before the New Year, doing a year in review now, and you’ll get your gift later. -Nathan

Long year in review (Anyone can add to this)

Beginning from January 1st, 2018 - I was making great progress on the used to be known as Makeroid Community and now today is known as the mysterious Kodular Community.

February 2018 - I began working on something special with @TurboProgramming, unfortunately we did a wrong doing because, at this time we didn’t want Makeroid knowing about it, I still don’t know why.

March 2018 - I was banned on the Makeroid Community as of March 21, 2018 at 5 PM until the year 3000 for me. It wasn’t my best day, or week after this event.

April 2018 - I began the basics of JS, improving my HTML and CSS skills while developing apps with other builders.

May 2018 - I don’t remember if this was the month, but I think I was unbanned from the Makeroid Community, during this time I learned to sharpen my behavior skills and show @Diego how much I’ve changed during those 2-3 months. Greatest time of my life!

June 2018 - Last 2 weeks of school… Another great part of my life, for only 2 months after this.

July 2018 - Independence day in America, I got to see my cousin and some other family. Yes we busy devs have lives outside of here.

August 2018 - Rushed getting updates out to my apps ASAP since school was right around the corner.

September 2018 - Coming up to the current months, I started schools August 28, 2018 this year. Was still getting used to my new grade.

October 2018 - Halloween, I didn’t celebrate. And this is when we were renamed to Kodular.

November 2018 - My birthday, I didn’t celebrate. I didn’t even want to hear Happy Birthday.

December 2018 - And here we are today, December, the last month of the year on the Gregorian Calendar. I don’t celebrate Christmas for origin reasons. Let’s not get into it.

Memes 2018 - The funniest year of memes.

Games 2018 - Fortnite (No longer popular :joy:), Minecraft (Semi - Aquatic update was the last for legacy consoles, for me was the Xbox 360, now I have a a newer console Minecraft and Windows 10 Minecraft.), Friday The 13th (I know this was released in 2017, but why not put it on here?), your favorite games here that were popular this year (if listed, don’t list)

Favorite Songs 2018 - (Add yours too) No tears lefts to cry - Ariana Grande, Thank you, next? - Ariana Grande - Fun song - Ricky Dillon, your songs here…

Summary 2018 - A fun year, of joy, sadness, happiness, and coding. Next year, I’ll count how many lines of code I write, along with how many blocks. PS: So far, I haven’t even got sick this year, I’m surprised knowing 2017 was the sickest time of my life :joy: (get it?)

And a Happy New Year!


Marry Christmas

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Something new i really like that name
Merry Christmas