Message Event doesnt work while in app in paused state

.Message Received event does not collect messages while app in paused state.
The app which I was trying to develop reads out messages loud using TTS. While app is opened, the messages get received and TTS output is available, when we minimize the app, messages are not read aloud. Is there something I am missing here.
Note: I am just exploring the capabilities of Kodular framework. Please do correct me If I am wrong with my implementation.


Kodular apps can not work in the background.

According to the image below,

If you want your app to receive the message even when app is not running(may be in background) then you have to set the ReceivingEnabled to 3.

And if you have done this already, then also I think reading the received message with TTS is not possible because according to the related docs (and also marked in above image) the messages are only queued with a notification to the user about the received message

I had set the ReceivingEnabled to 3 from beginning. but didnt work with TTS.
Also I didnt receive any notification while minimized. Will explore on that