Message notification as reminder

Hello frends. I wants a reminder when I get one sms or app message contain particulor word or frase. Becaus im waitng for importent mesages. Exzmple I’m geting many useles mesages but I’m wait for messege from daddy or ‘amount creditrd’ plese you guided me in this route. Ty

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If you are able to make such app you will never get reminder as we all know that kodular not works in background…

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OK. Dos it mins it worked wen screen is on? I will have buton to seaach wen I want. Will it search wen I want? Plese sugest how to start. Ty

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Ya if screen is on it’s works…
You can read your inbox messages by kodular & if any if the message is from specific number Or contains any special word it app will remind you if app is on…

So can u plese sugest the blocs. It will be like when search button click,…

the only way you can do it is: 1_ install an emulator on a pc. 2_ make an app that simulates a server, that is, it is an application that detects keywords. The problem is that this application that you make as a server must always be active from your PC in the emulator so that it can send you push notifications. Do you understand what I say?

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Sounds to dificult. Runing on pc out of qvestion. If I get 20 message can my ap search for a keywords on press of buton and beep if it find one. If yes help with blok. Ty

sorry for being late… You can use this

i think this will be helpful @Guru

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I will try. For exam ple. Itt search when actev for key worod Hospital. If any mesage any kind is rceevced it ring alarm. Very cleerly. This impotant. Plese tell this you sent wil wirk I wil try. I only red full. No alarm or vibrasion plese suggest or help even if not kodular. I has tried other aps. They not work proper. ANd Ty vm for try to help.

From that extension you can get read your inbox & you can set if Any message contains such word you can play sound…