Meta data (tag) from mp3 streaming (URL)

(Amirh Mrt) #1

hi , i want get metadate from web URL files . plz help

(Abhijith) #2

Which is the URL ?

(Amirh Mrt) #3

for example :

i dont want download files . just get metadata from that link

(Abhijith) #4

Its forbidden … Any other URL?

(Amirh Mrt) #5

(Abhijith) #6

What am i supposed to do with this? I said the Link is 403 Forbidden. Please take a look

(Amirh Mrt) #7

i want a simple code that automatically get metadata from URL !

(Abhijith) #8

Check this out :

(Amirh Mrt) #9

this site is meta of website not MP3 Files !
i want get metadata of mp3 streaming files

(Abhijith) #10

Okay i assumed you needed meta of a site