Metadata video height and width problem

Hi, I used metadata to obtain the video height and width, but there’re something wrong.
My blocks:

When I do it in a vertical video (like when the width is less than height), the height was not right. After that, I find out when I give the video player, for example, 352x640 video, the metadata shows that the width is 640 and height is 352. That’s the opposite of what I want.
But it worked perfectly when the width is greater than the height.

*SrtCreator is my screen width

The video will be stretch

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Hi, you test set video Height and Width to metadata Height and Width ?

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  1. What kind of component is SrtCreator
  2. Why don’t you have the blocks for the width?


If you say what kind of component it is, we would probably know where the error is.

There is a limit width to the the screen, that’s why I try to multiply by the video’s height.
Like my screen width is 411, if the video width is 1080, the video player will be stretch again

My screen width :slight_smile:

Look at this please.

Any idea? :thinking: