MHTML view in kodular

Hey guys can you help me to view MHTML
Files in kodular
I hope you can

You can use this block in the web viewer component:
component_method (71)
Just add the html text you want to view and it would be viewed in the web viewr.

But if you have your html text from a file, it would be easy to use some blocks like this:
blocks (64)
That will view an html file from your assets.

I want to view MHTML file in web viewer

Try this: :point_down:

Can we view downloaded web page in kodular

You can try your self

Yes it can be done in kodular to do so you need to upload all the files in your assets the need to change html coding then after you can load html file in web page

Guys I want to view MHTML not HTML

Can you describe the difference between MHTML and HTML