Migrating an Appybuilder project to Kodular

I’ve got some questions about importing an .aia file (build with appybuilder) into kodular.

  1. In Appybuilder I set a custom packagename for my project. When importing this same project into Kodular Creator the package name is empty. Simply typing the old packagename under advanced properties doesn’t help, when I visit my Kodular dashboard it says the packagename for the project is: io.kodular.username.app_name . That’s a completly different packagename then I used in Appybuilder.

How can I change the packagename to what it should be? Cause I can’t update my app on google playstore if the package names don’t match.

  1. Where can I import my old keystore? In appybuilder there was an option ‘import keystore’ , but I can’t find this anywhere in Kodular. I need the same keystore file so I can update my app in the play store.

  2. In appybuilder we could switch to another screen like this:
    https://community.appybuilder.com/t/changing-package-names/30/8 Is this the same in Kodular? I did some searching on Kodular but couldn’t find anything conclusive.

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do one thing. Import your aia once again. Then go to advance properties & set custom package name .
Your package must be in the Format

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Hi @Spooky!
Welcome to Kodular.

We’re still working on smoothly migrating AppyBuilder projects to Kodular, but you should be able to set your custom package name using the method you’ve mentioned in your post. Don’t worry about what’s shown in the Account; your custom package will be used in your apks.

Keystore settings (among other things) can be found in the Creator settings modal. Go to account (top-right icon) > Settings to access the modal.

You can switch screens normally without having to enter the full package name, even if it’s a custom package name you’re using


Thank you for helping me out @Vishwas

I found the keystore settings and I love the fact that we don’t have to enter the full package name when switching screens. :relaxed:

Also thanks for your reply @Alapjeet , reuploading solved the wrong package name displayed in my Kodular Account.