Migration is not an option

Dear Hossein,

About 6 months ago you told us, The forces of Appybuilder Gold and Kodular would be joined with all the benefits that would bring.

If you are an AppyBuilder user, don’t worry. Your projects are safe!
We’re truly delighted to have all of you join us at Kodular, and we will try our best to ensure your AppyBuilder projects are fully compatible with our platform! All existing apps, projects, and extensions should work perfectly fine after switching to Kodular. It’s a win-win!”

Of course it would take some time and we had to be patient.

There is a project I made in Appybuilder and it is growing in number of users. It is published in the Play Store but it does not work on Android 10. It is impossible to migrate to Kodular, almost all blocks are deleted when imported, even when I try to remove extensions (that I need). We were told: “All existing apps, projects, and extensions should work perfectly fine after switching to Kodular. It’s a win-win” but in this case it is not working.
And most of my apps I made in Appybuilder are impossible to import without losing 80% blocks and/or functionality.

My apps made with Appybuilder are not safe (in Kodular).

What do you suggest?


The key word is “should”, he didn’t ever guarantee it would would definitely work.

It seems like you might have to rebuild the project.

Hi @appsbeheerder
I understand your concern for your projects but no one can solve your problem if you will not tell them about your problem.
It will be helpful to Kodular if you will tell about the compatibility issues you are facing so that they can try to fix that.

Did you take a look into UNCHIVE? This is a place where you can put your apps made in Appybuilder and can see exactly what you have in you app which is not compatible with the actual version of Kodular.

Hope this helps


The problem is importing projects, most blocks are not imported but there is no reason to be found, there is no clue whatsoever. What can I say more than that?

It does not help, Kodular just imports parts of the source.

What is your view?

Are you getting any warning while opening projects?
Like component xyz not found.

Yes it does. Unchive shows you what is not Kodular compatible, só you can try to see what you can change before importing to Kodular. But, it’s up to you.

No warnings about missing components, I even removed all external extensions.

I do not get an error or warning using unchive when checking my source.

That should not happen.
Would you like to share a sample aia ?

I can pm the source to you.

Sure if you trust.

It will not throw a error if the component exist but has extra blocks that does not exist in Kodular and thereby wont import in Kodular either…

I was really expecting for the transition to have some incompatibilities to fix manually when importing my AppyBuilder apps into Kodular but honestly the only way to do it is re building the whole app a new. Sorry but on this one I’m not satisfied with the work done. Any moderately complex app can’t be imported at all. It’s more work to try to fix everything than to make it from scratch.

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I found these errors after uploading project to Unchive:



But I am not able to import project in Kodular.Progress bar reaches to 50 and starts again.
This can be connection issue but I am not sure.

Here you have a simple project Imagetestappy.aia (1.8 KB)

As you can see no error’s


But still wont work in Kodular


  • Why is there not an official reaction @Hossein to my question, about the (problems with) migration, I asked 13 days ago?
  • What is the view (possible solution) of the Kodular team about the now impossible migrations of Appybuilder to Kodular?
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Is there any project, more than a button and a label, that can be migrated from Appybuilder to Kodular without errors?