Min sdk should provide Api31

@pavi2410 please add API30 and 31 as min sdk


Or we should just remove that altogether. Because this is an implementation detail.
I see many people confusing min SDK with target SDK


at the moment we cannot publish on playstore. API31 (for android 12) is required!
Pls fix!

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It looks like you are one of those people

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yes because the api available for android 13 (API30 ore API31) is not available on the settings…

Do you know difference between min sdk and Target sdk?

no, i don’t. What i need is to publish with API 30 or API31 in order be compliant with google playsore. There is a violation on my google dashoboard and they asked me to upgrade the app to android 12 at least

Violation is due to target sdk.
Learn to understand issues first.

You last uploaded apk on 31 Aug, at that time Kodular wasn’t targetting api 32 but a few weeks ago Kodular was updated to target api 33.

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do you knwo where can i “learn” this ? thanks

Spend time in community.

ok clear. thanks. so i just need to recompile and will have the updated api target. right?

You got it… :partying_face: