Misuse of Community

This is my Personal Experience, Maybe i am wrong,

But these days i am observing that users are posting every problem even small ones and also which already answered and they didnt even search about anything ever, when ever they stuck they didnt even try to sort out they start posting here and i know all Community Members try to help always everyone, but if everyone start posting every issue which is already solved or not a bigger one to ask(which they can sort if they try it again) So we maybe stop answering(which in these days i am doing just watching those posts and ignoring because many of these already i have answered, Maybe other Users also noticed that, and in this all useless posts somewhere a really needy post/issue also get ignored. So its a Request to Every one please before posting try yourself and if you fail to get your result then search here with different keywords(sometimes same issue exists with a little different keyword) and if you dont found any solution then post here.

Thank You. Happy Koding.


Yes and sometimes user asked problems which is not related to kodular


Probably the users who misuse the community won’t take the time to read your topic. But you are right.


I don’t understand. aia file please


i know and i am ignoring their posts too, :laughing: :laughing:


Neither do I, so don’t worry as there is always some one who does


Your right.
But more and more questions !. This is also a reflection of the recent increase in Kodular new users.


well that because of Hard work of team to Improve this platform, they know that Kodular has many things Updated and New better than other inventors, that’s why users are joining Kodular.


A lot of people staying at home decided to try Kodular! :smiley: :+1:


I have a lot of users sending me a pm with their question instead of asking it in the community. I almost never respond to something like that. Those users are only interested in their own question and are not here to learn together with the other users.

I think that is also a misuse of the community.


I don’t understand why they send pm? It’s not even better. I mean if you have a whole community of knowledge to answer your questions, why would you choose only one person?


I guess they think they are special :crazy_face: :wink: :smile: :wink: :sunglasses: :grin:


I give them a special response :slight_smile: I answer them once, and never after ^^


These days community is getting full with duplicate & unsolved topics. We’ll have to fetch the side-effect in near future.


Ya you are Right these days people Staying in home and more people joining kodular thats why Daily more topics are created by user they just come creat topic and wait for any response no one trying to serch there issue in Community. :smirk::smirk:


You are right maybe due to the current situation in the world lots of new users are here and they even don’t don’t search in community. With a great platform Kodular also has a good community with helpful members and koders. I hope they will understand this.

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there must be an option while posting, like have you searched community before, if yes then post your searched posts and tell why you think that solution dosnt meet your requirements, and if there is not post on that question then he can post. i can see always when a user post there is some suggestions show at right side about posts which may related to your question but mostly there it shows posts which not related to our question that must be need some improvement (i know mostly peoples dont even read that topics)


For new users mods have to accept their posts. I reject a large number of them daily because they are to general, they didn’t search, they are against the rules, etc etc etc. Without that option the community would be flooded with a lot more useless topics.


yes at first when i joined community, i started posting every post and that time about 30 to 40 posts per day i have seen new and now its like 100 per day and i dont find even time to read them all because of my work so i try to read as much as i can but i feel i miss many of them which really needs help.

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I think the search must be like this. More obvious for new users.