MIT app inventor 2 to Kodular

i started making an app in the MIT app inventor but relised that Kodular have stuff that i need for it so i tried to import it here but when i did all the blocks got deleted and it keeps giving me bug alerts or something. I dont have any extensions on there so idk. here is the aia if you can help that will be great
Moving_Screens.aia (533.9 KB)

it also wont let me test with the companion and every time i put blocks and then change screen it gets deleted

Before connecting with companion you must enable 1. Show list as json 2. Enable RTL 3. Must set theme and respective colors and all from the settings and try connecting.

Set minimum SDK too

It wont work with helper blocks as Kodular don’t have this



Try this one Moving_Screens2.aia (535.3 KB)


ty it worked

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