MIT App Inventor Permission Blocks

Can you add the new permission blocks from MIT :appinventor: please?

A List of needed permissions would be helpful too :thinking:

No. Not now.
There have others things current more priority.
And too we already have a working permission system.


sounds nice cant wait for the new update where the chatview gets updated. nice work like eavh time of you and the rest of the team. makes next like in the past


Yes, sure…
But you know the current permission system is a bit bad, because you are not able to check which permission is granted and the user have to change the permission in the settings by his self…

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I agree, on top of that the CheckIfPermissionsGranted block is just :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: horrible. If all permissions are granted, IT RETURNS FALSE. If they aren’t, it return TRUE, if you do for example:

IF CheckIfPermissionsGranted { label.setText = "Supposed to output TRUE not FALSE"; }

That’s without any = block. I think you guys need to rebuild the whole Permission System. Some components don’t even have the block even if they should have it. I think @Ka_Fa was right with his/her question in the topic, you guys should switch. It gives us more freedom with permissions. With your current System, you can’t ask for that Permission again if it was denied a second or third time. What if you need to Read/Write at the first RUN??? Or you’d like to see if all permissions had been granted. You guys can include the block with MIT App Inventors adding to it. Just fix it. I haven’t filed a bug report because I mentioned many times before in censored groups, that it had happened before. If you seriously need a separate topic for a PERMISSION BLOCK BUG as someone has been telling you many times, then I just IDK what to do. At the end of the day, I recommend this option.


Its amazing

Maybe you should read again my answere…
I wrote “current” we have others things to do.

And next time, use normal words and not aggressive.


I wasnt using aggressive, I was just putting in CAPS and BOLD to point out the words so you’d directly go-to those sentences.

In general cyber-etiquette, caps are taken to be the equivalent of shouting, and are discouraged. Try using italics on lowercase since that option is available on the Community. :slight_smile:


Note taken. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Available on

Next Update ?

I think not so…

No I dont think so